Friday, November 19, 2004

are you ready for the football?

When I heard about the controversy surrounding the much discussed intro to monday night football, I licked my lips with anticipation. I put on some romantic music, opened a bottle of wine, and downloaded the clip.

Frankly I was disgusted. All I got was a naked back. NYPD Blue has at least one ass viewing a show, and all I get to see was a towel and some bad acting. Of course, this has caused a number folks to get their panties up in a bunch. Today in the Times , Dan Rooney, the chair of the Pittsburgh Steelers, wrote an op-ed piece on his disappointment in the clip. He's not angry at the use of sex to promote football....He's most disgusted by the depiction of a player bailing a game for sex:

"I thought it was disgraceful. Worst was that it used one of our players in uniform in the locker room - who claimed that 'the team's going to have to win without me.' That is not N.F.L. football".

Nice one, Dan. Anonymous sex and social irresponsibility has never had a place in the N.F.L.

I'm going to start watching Canadian football .


Blogger Becky said...

At least it's not european football, where the spanish crowds were chanting racist comments whenever a black english player got the ball. classy, huh?

why is 'progress' even a word?

6:34 AM  
Blogger deo said...

OK, here's my take on the MNF "controversy:"

1. It's not controversial at all. At least not compared to the standard NFL presentation centered around skimpily dressed cheerleaders and misogynistic beer commercials.

2. It's only become as notorious as it has because doing so was a win-win for everyone involved. In particular:

-ABC generates a ton of publicity for desperate housewives, which was their object in the first place.

-NFL gets to look self-righteous for anyone who cares by condemning the evil tv people who would cheapen their product.

-"news" outlets get some tittilating soft-core story to focus on for their 24-hour news cycle, thus alowing them to fume about something totally uncontroversial, and avoid things like say thousands of people being killed in a war.

3. While the rooney piece is ridiculous, in defense of this pgh institution it's worth pointing out that the stillers (as they are called here) are one of the few teams (only team?) without cheerleaders, which at least doesn't make him as much of a raving hypocrite. Go stillers!

mr. cynical

4:13 PM  

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