Thursday, November 11, 2004

sex research

Just in time for the new movie about the life of Alfred Kinsey, the Times has an article about sex research in America today. If you're a sex researcher (and I'm talking a real sex researcher, not Dr. Phil), watch out. Basic research in the physiology of sex and sexual behavior is at risk.

Here's one enlightened conservative comment:

"We know the formula for sexual health, which is sex within a monogamous lifelong relationship," said the Rev. Peter Sprigg, director of marriage and family studies for the Family Research Council, a conservative lobbying group based in Washington. "Studying permutations of it, we think, is an effort, like Kinsey's, to change the sexual mores of the society so that what most people consider deviant behaviors look more normal."

Not all of us have such easy access to altar boys.

Conservatives have also targeted programs that have clear social value. Johns Hopkins Magazines reports that NIH is being pressured to cut grants for research on aids, drug abuse, and sex workers (no more field work at the Mustang Ranch ). I'm sure things will only get better over the next four years.


Blogger shannon said...

hey, duane, you can't read this article if you don't have an nyt account.

if sex researchers are getting the boot, i guess it's up to the averge joe to pick up the slack. hear that, everyone? time for more research!!!

11:27 AM  

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