Sunday, December 12, 2004

the dude abides

Once again, I'm convinced that I do boring language research. Scott Kiesling, a linguist at the University of Pittsburgh, is a sociolinguist studying the usage of the word "dude". CNN Reports here :

"He found the word taps into nonconformity and a new American image of leisurely success."

If that's not The Dude, I don't know what is...


Blogger shannon said...

This is hardly groundbreaking news. Didn't David Spade have a long bit about this that he wrote, oh, I don't know, about TEN YEARS AGO? And there was also that whole dude/buddy thing on Adam Sandler's first CD that went on for *way* too long (and featured Spade and Tim Meadows and perhaps some other dudes). I'm sure he (Spade) didn't delve into the whole linguistic background of the word, but he probably could have after a half hour in a library, or two minutes on the internet.

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