Monday, December 06, 2004

Family Hour

Apparently 99.8% of the complaints to the FCC this year regarding indecency on television are being made by the activist group Parents Television Council. I for one welcome our bible thumping overlords. They work under the assumption that Americans are incapable of wisely making good TV watching decisions. Frankly, they're right. I blew a solid hour last night watching House Detectives on the Home Garden Network, so if anyone needs a TV intervention, I do.

I decided to check out their site, and they actually rate television shows for sex, violence, and language. This is great for procrastination...just look up your favorite shows:

The Simpsons
"This long-running animated production focuses on the daily life of a suburban family living in the fictional town of Springfield. Despite its early timeslot and animated format, The Simpsons is not recommended for younger viewers. The show ridicules entrepreneurs, religion, educators, and law enforcement officials, and has occasionally incorporated foul language into its dialogue. The cartoon sends a mixed message on parenthood: while the father is a bumbling idiot, the mother is a loving and patient wife and role model."

So much for satire.

Better yet, they have a top 10 list of the best and worst shows on television. Before seeing the list, I thought "Perfect! I can point out how the shows they call the 'worst' are actually, intelligent and sophisticated!" No such luck. The "best" show are unsurprising (e.g. Joan of Arcadia, 7th Heaven, etc...), but the worst shows are actually pretty bad (e.g. Everwood, Fear Factor). I'm not offended by the gratuitous sex and violence, but by the poor plotlines and lack of creativity. I guess we're all going to hell.


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