Tuesday, December 21, 2004

impeach him

Straight from the ACLU

"NEW YORK -- A document released for the first time today by the American Civil Liberties Union suggests that President Bush issued an Executive Order authorizing the use of inhumane interrogation methods against detainees in Iraq. Also released by the ACLU today are a slew of other records including a December 2003 FBI e-mail that characterizes methods used by the Defense Department as "torture" and a June 2004 "Urgent Report" to the Director of the FBI that raises concerns that abuse of detainees is being covered up."

What kills me is that I've only seen the Times and the BBC covering this. I'm hoping this gets out to more news outlets later in the day. Post other sightings!


Blogger Duane said...

...if you read the article in the Times, it's clear that the only reason this got out is because the FBI is trying to cover it's ass. Apparently, department of defense interrogators were telling detainess that the were from the FBI, presumably to cover their own ass when/if the detainees ever had the chance to tell their tales

11:55 AM  
Blogger Duane said...

..ok, i was wrong. It's also reported in the LA times and the Washington Post..

12:37 PM  

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