Thursday, December 09, 2004


Until recently, my main associations with Ukraine were my memories of watching Vitaly Potapenko, "the Ukraine Train" labor in his capacity as the Celtics backup center. If he could only catch the ball and jump...

We're all familiar with the scene of some downtrodden slav living under some authoritarian regime looking to the US as a beacon of hope and freedom in an otherwise cruel world. How the tables have turned.

There's an inspirational article in the Dec. 13 New Yorker (not online) about the election in Ukraine and its aftermath. For those who haven't been following it, the election was rigged by the old-line party in power, but the opposition took to the streets in protest, and have forced a re-vote. The article gives an eye-witness account of the massive demonstrations and a nice, gentle summary of who's who and what kind of historical and social forces have shaped the conflict.

Plus, excellent choice of orange for color scheme. Very stylish.


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