Thursday, January 20, 2005

are you ready for the football?

Last week had the feel of a high school pep rally here in the 'burgh, as the beloved hometown Stillers (as it's pronounced here) prepared to dispatch the jets in their first playoff game. This week feels like full wartime mobilization, as the defending champion Patriots come to town for the AFC championship game. The secretaries in the dept. office have covered the door with laser-jet printed pictures of our boys, sayings from the hometown announcer, and a giant black and gold ribbon. This is not unusual. "Yellow ribbon-style" suv-stickers letterd with a black-&-gold "go pittsburgh" have been spotted. Any man or boy wearing fewer than 3 pirces of nfl-licensced apparel is regarded as suspect.

One notable byproduct of the stillers experience is the number of "fight songs," theme songs, and polkas penned in honor of the team over the years. Local radio station WDVE has collected a few of them (if you search the net, or turn on the radio around here, you can find others). My personal favorite, (i.e. the only one even mildly listenable) is the legendary "here we go" song from the 2001 season. Enjoy!


Blogger shannon said...

deo, i would like to apologize in advance for the massive pummeling.

go pats!!!

1:59 PM  

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