Thursday, March 24, 2005

the office

by the way, i'm curious what you guys think about the Americanized version of The Office airing on nbc tonight. Slate pans it , but the Times loves it I have yet to see an americanized version of anything that's better than an original. Here are some examples:

Vanilla Sky (Abrir Los Ojos)
Insomnia (the fuckers changed the ending in the American version)
Shall We Dance


Blogger shannon said...

well, i did watch it, and it was okay. i saw the american pilot, which was a so-so copy of the british pilot. the original is, of course, better, but i also read that the pilot script is the only one being culled from the original. the true test will be when they start doing original episodes. i have no problem with them ripping off the concept in general--it's not like three's company and survivor were american originals--but copying script for script is a really bad idea. i like steve corell, so i hope it turns out to be funny. it is safe to say it will never be as good as the original, but even if it's half as good it'll still be better than most of the crap on tv.

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