Tuesday, April 26, 2005

W.E.B. DuBoisenberry

Last year, slate's Timothy Noah reported on Dariy Queen's new drink, the Mulatte, which sounded (and looked) not unlike a name referring to bi-racial people. The story is here .

Now there's a new ice cream in town from a Swedish company called Nogger with a questionable logo that seems to have an urban flair:
Say it ain't so. Read more here .

When I visited Sweden last year, about half the teens in Lund were dressed like black kids from Brooklyn. The VJs on their version of MTV looked latina and black...no blondes at all. I'm guessing some Swedish marketing exec (with the obligatory Swedish Chef accent) said: "Da kids love the black US urban style. I got the best idea fer a campaign! You see...the kids use this word a lot..."


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