Friday, May 20, 2005

Aw, You Got Your Sith in my Jedi!

Okay, after seeing Revenge of the Sith twice yesterday (once at the midnight show, and then again at 5 p.m.) I'm a bit star wars-ed out, but I wanted to just go on record with a few things. It is a) better than the previous two films, b) would have been better still with a different director, and c) does contain laughable "romantic" dialogue.

All that aside, the effects were good, the wookies were used sparingly, and four-armed dudes with lightsabers ROCK. Ian McDiarmid and Ewan McGregor were the only ones who bothered to act, but they did a pretty kick-ass job. Oh, and Yoda was much less cartoony than in Clones.

And I'm pretty sure I know which sequence Speilberg directed... I'll have to look that up.

And then go watch the original trilogy about six more times.


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