Monday, June 06, 2005

The dude will have to abide

The Supreme Court told the 85 yr old grandmothers suffering from glaucoma to go F themselves: no medicinal marijuana for you. Who would have thought that a conversvative court would argue against state rights. Seriously, WTF? Is someone growing weed in their basement for their own personal use really fall under the jurisdiction of interstate commerce? Someone out there needs to explain this one to me.

Even Forbes has an article about legalization:
"Milton Friedman leads a list of more than 500 economists from around the U.S. who today will publicly endorse a Harvard University economist's report on the costs of marijuana prohibition and the potential revenue gains from the U.S. government instead legalizing it and taxing its sale. Ending prohibition enforcement would save $7.7 billion in combined state and federal spending, the report says, while taxation would yield up to $6.2 billion a year."

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