Tuesday, June 28, 2005

gas guzzler

I got rid of my VW Golf. I love the car, but it was perpetually in the shop. I was in the market for a wagon, and decided to get something that would last until the next millenium: a honda or toyota. Unfortunately, neither makes a wagon, so I got a Honda CRV, a cute ute. It gets ok mileage: not great, not terrible: 22/27. All my friends say the same thing:

Friend: I can't believe you got an SUV!!

Me: It gets better mileage than most midsize cars and the same as a wagon..22/27..it does better than your subaru!

Friend: i'm really disappointed in you

Me: I can throw my bike in the back...

Friend: Are you voting Republican now?

Me: Yes.

At any rate, To atone for my sins, I'm reporting on the latest eco-vehicle: a hacked prius that you plug in. It gets more than a 100 miles per gallon. This story was reported on mixedpower.com :

By replacing the Prius' batteries with a more powerful array and recharging it using a standard electric outlet at home, engineers have enabled the hybrid to get more than 100 miles per gallon of gasoline.

"We want to get people thinking of [plug-ins] as a real alternative" in the country's long-term energy plan, said Felix Kramer, founder of CalCars.org, an advocacy group in Palo Alto.

The idea of plug-in hybrids is generating a lot of buzz in energy circles because of the work of a start-up Monrovia firm, Energy Control Systems Engineering. The firm bought a Prius and converted it with its own system.

Co-owner Greg Hanssen now tools around Southern California in the bright blue plug-in Prius prototype. The car can deliver 150 to 180 mpg for up to 35 miles of low-speed, around-town driving and can average 70 to 100 mpg on longer trips at higher speeds.

Here's the cool part:

In May, Energy Control Systems entered its Prius in the Tour del Sol fuel economy rally in New York. The car won its class by averaging 102 mpg over the 150-mile course. Hanssen said it cost $1 to charge the batteries the night before the race and about $4 for the gas it consumed.


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