Monday, June 20, 2005

guns save lives

i'm back. i spent the past few days out in a remote part of the Midwest, a place where i'll be soon moving. About 15 miles outside of town, there are some amateurish handmade signs that are posted every 10 feet or so, so that one can read them in quick succession while one drives. Each set of signs states that guns have helped stop criminals and terrorists and that you can read more at .

A bit frightening.

In related news, right now a couple next door is fighting, and man, are they loud. They fight fiercely and often. Pretty much everyday. I've considered calling the cops, but they're in a big apartment building next door and i haven't a clue as to where they live or whether either of their lives are in danger, and as it turns out, i'm one of those people who "doesn't want to get involved". About ten minutes ago, I heard the following:

Girl: what are you talking about?!?!
Girl: I don't like Marvin! What are you talking about! I didn't do anything! I'm so sick of this shit!
Guy: (unintelligible)
Girl: I didn't do anything!
Guy: (unintelligible)
Girl: I didn't do anything!
Guy: (unintelligible)
Girl: (crying and moaning...i've always wondered what 'gnashing of teeth' sounded like. now i know)

Holy shit! - I thought. Did he just shoot her? I suddenly felt guilty for wishing both of them dead. I got up and checked out the window to see if i could figure out which window it came from. I pondered calling the cops, and was feeling annoyed for being put in this position. Was it really a gunshot? The noise drove my dog to hide in the closet so it wasn't my imagination. There were no more sounds of a fight. I felt compelled to call the police, not out of concern for either of them (who i've grown to hate), but mainly out of embarrasement. If the cops show up later tonight, and wheel a corpse out of the building, and ask if anyone heard/saw anything ), and I say 'yeah, i heard them fighting,' and they say, 'Christ, why didn't you call the police,' and I say 'I don't know', and then they shake their heads as they write in their notebook, and think to themselves what a socially irreponsible jerk, and I'd think, man, they're right, i am a jerk....then I'd feel pretty terrible about it.

..and as I was thinking about this I hear muffled crying. Ahh one's dead (well, he might be..i still feel off the hook). I'm guessing a car backfired....or maybe one of them fired a warning shot. At any rate, I'm thinking guns probably don't save many lives.


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that site was more than a little scary. i think i need some chocolate.

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