Thursday, July 21, 2005

Carry on

Just a wee tribute to the resolve of the British people. It really makes me realize how much Americans are wusses. We're spoiled and have an unreasonable sense of entitlement. Sprit of the Blitz, my friend, gets you through every time and keeps you getting out to the pub in the face of any and all adversity. We're Still Not Afraid


Blogger Duane said...

The stiff upper lip is no joke. I've always found it odd that the soccer mom in the middle of Indiana is frightened about her children getting killed by terrorist when the chances of that are zero. Meanwhile, the barrister working in London doesn't think twice about taking the tube everyday.

Tim Naftali wrote a great article in slate about how Americans need to toughen up:

Be vigilant; don't panic. Look at how the British are handling these attacks. Their endurance of the Irish Republican Army's 30-year terror campaign has made them masters at picking up the pieces after an attack and moving on. Did they institute a national alert today? No. Did they close down the subways indefinitely? No. Some theaters canceled shows scheduled for tonight, but that was a small and sensible measure taken to lessen the pressures on London's transportation system as it stretched to the limit to get people home from work. Could we possibly expect this sort of sane moderation had Los Angeles been the bombers' target rather than London?

Also, i'm sort of curious as to whether the suicide bombers in Iraq (or Israel) really have the same mindset as the suicide bombers in London. The latter seem to be alienated minorities who have turned militant (e.g. Black Panthers), which seems fundamentally different from ousting an occuping force...Of course, all my information about asians in the UK comes from Ali what do I know.

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