Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Let them eat cake!

I think we're all on the same page in terms of outrage and profound sadness about the New Orleans situation, but I would like to bring your attention to these cringe-worthy statements by Barbara Bush. How does one get like this??? It boggles the mind.

Stupid and insensitive comments by former first "lady" that may make you turn to drink for solace


Blogger shannon said...

well, according to Al Franken, she is pretty much pure evil. I mean, look at what she spawned...

11:32 AM  
Blogger Duane said...

It's very telling that even as politically savy as she is, she can't hide her contempt for poor people, even in a situation that is in no conceivable way their fault.

or is it their fault? I think her underlying feeling is that if they were good people and worked hard, they would've had the money to escape...

12:17 PM  

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