Saturday, October 22, 2005

Giant Squid strikes back

Hey, Deo. The giant squid has something to say to you.

OK, Us, you've had your fun. Now you best pay attention. Those pictures you took crossed a lot of lines, and I, Giant Squid, want to set some ground rules if you ever want me to cooperate again. Giant Squid doesn't have a lot of patience.

Not all of the pictures made Giant Squid mad. The first ones of me underwater, for example—those were all right. Nonintrusive, plenty of Japanese scientists on hand to make it legit. All in all, pretty understandable, pretty exciting even, considering that Giant Squid hadn't ever been photographed in his natural environment before. Hell, I've been a giant squid my whole life, and even now sometimes just the fact that a creature like me exists is enough to make Giant Squid ink himself. For the sake of science, Giant Squid is glad you're happy with those shots. Giant Squid saw some of them on Yahoo!'s newswire, and he's gotta say they turned out pretty well.

The rest of this heartbreaking work of staggering genius is here at McSweeney's.


Blogger shannon said...

Neve Campbell? But I saw Giant Squid canoodling with Lindsay Lohan at the Tropicana!

3:10 PM  

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