Tuesday, June 27, 2006

You like that song by Paris Fucking Hilton? Really?

Okay, so I know any idiot with money and one of those voice-altering machine thingies *cough*lindaylohan*cough* can record a song, but... people are buying it. Unironically. This makes me sad. Hopefully the soothing balm of Superman Returns and The Devil Wears Prada will make the hurt go away.

And if anyone (I am pretending someone somewhere still looks at this) is in Boston this week and would like to see a fun show filled with blasphemy, full frontal nudity and a kick-ass papier-mache camel, go to www.encoreboston.org and get tickets for The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told (June 28, 29, 30 and July 1 at the BCA's Plaza Black Box theater in the South End.) I will not be on stage strutting my stuff (sorry, legions of fans), but I will be selling the most fabulous snacks ever sold in the lobby. I'm all about the glamour of the business that is show.